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Dream by Joan Cecile Dimaunahan, Grade 7 UPIS

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In a world at war, a little girl was asleep. She was dreaming. And in her dream there was not a sound, but of nature. She considered it lonely but for once in her life, there was not a gunshot, not an explosion, there was silence. She woke up suddenly for her father quickly snatched her from the mat.

"Tay, are we leaving again?", the little girl asked as her father ran, carrying her on his back.

"Yes Neneng," her father replied.

It was time when the world was at war. Each country was against another country. The war was affecting every place. People would always search for other places when their settlements were attacked.

Five-year-old Neneng was already used to going from place to another. At time her father will wake her up in the middle of the night because they had to leave again. Her mother died after she was shot when they were running to escape, leaving Neneng, with her father.

One cloudy day when Neneng's father was preparing their little hut, Neneng remembering her dream, asked her father where she could find such place like the one in her dream.

"A long time ago a place like that existed," answered her father, "A place at peace."

"Peace...it's the first time I heard that word," commented Neneng.

"Oh, Neneng that's the most beautiful word you would hear when you're in a siuation like these we're in now," her father said, smiling a bit.

Neneng started to wonder what the world will look like when it was at peace. Neng walked slowly to the shore. She picked up a little piece of wood and started to draw figures on the sand. When suddenly Neneng heard the people shouting. She was aware that it was another attack. She got up to her feet and ran to the direction of their little hut. She knew they had to leave again and they have to move fast. When she reached their hut, she found her father, bathing in his own blood. She cried for help but it was useless. No one can give even a little assistance. She cried helplessly, hugging her injured father.

Then her father moaned, asking her to go. But she knew she can;t leve her father behind. Then, heavy footsteps approached the hut. a strong-built soldier appeared on the door. He lifted his gun and aimed at Neneng. Neneng let out a scream and was gone.

She was drifting slowly and notices that no pain had strucked her. And there, across her, a bright light shone. There her mother stood, with open arms,w aiting for her.

Neneng was so delighted at the sight of her mother. She ran to her and asked where they were.

"We're in paradise Neneng," answered her mother.

"Is this the place at peace 'Nay?" Neneng asked.

"Yes Neneng," her mother answered, "If people will not learn to forgive, they'll only find peace when they're dead."

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