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by Rochella R. Jose, Grade 7 UPIS

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They say
I am an enemy
An enemy who kills
An enemy who devastates
They say
With my speed
I bring sorrow
I carry fear
They say
I am a son of chaos
And darkness is what I am
They say
War is my game
And death is my name
But don't they know?
That I am tired
Tired of killing
Tired of running with the speed
that carries fear
Tired of playing
A game that is not mine
I am but tired
Tired of chasing the innocents
And bringing them
Six feet below the ground
Of course they don't!
Because what they think of me,
Is not what I am...
I am no blood thirsty,
I am no son of chaos,
I am no enemy,
For I am just a bullet.

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