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I'd Do It for Peace by Sanya Coo, Grade 9 UPIS

I'll stop fighting with my brother
I'll do what my parents say
I'll thank God for the blessings
I'm given everyday
I'll make friends with the girl
who sits alone during lunch
I'll give my teachers flowers,
I'll give her a whole bunch!
I'll never squish a caterpillar,
even though they scare me,
I'll even set my pet goldfish
back home to the sea!
I'll donate my pocket money,
to the charity of the state,
I guess my Barbie and Ken set,
would have to wait!
I'll visit my grandparents
and give them a kiss
I'll make them tell stories
from when they were kids.
I'll smile at everyone I see
to brighten up their day,
because my mommy said,
a smile goes a long, long way!
I'll blow flying kisses,
like a thousand butterflies
and when I aim for dreams,
I'll aim them really high!
I'll make the world a better place
I'll do all these
I'll do it for myself
I'll do it for PEACE!
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