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Where Does It End? by Rica Vina P. Cruz, Grade 9 UPIS

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The strife and fighting continues into the night.
Mechanical birds lull the sound of death
As they glide overhead spitting fire
Into doomed towns and secret solaces
Where the innocent hides and asks why,
Why are we not left to live our own lives?

In the pastures, converted into battlefields,
Small metal pellets speed through the air,
Pausing only for a few moments time,
Claiming another victim in its wake
And as he feels the pain, his life slipping away,
He, too asks why,
Why am I dying? Who can tell me why?

The war without a purpose marches on relentlessly,
Not stopping to feel the -
Not stopping to count the cost
The smoke now clears as the sun rises
And a new day is born out of the ashes Yet, all they could ask is,
Where does it end?

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