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Web Developer

This website was developed by Jennifer Milo, graduate student of the University of the Philippines, Master in Library & Information Science, majoring Information Technology.


To provide reader-friendly[1], teen-driven web-based services that supports the University of the Philippines Integrated School's mission which is “to produce graduates who are pro-Filipino, pro-people and can think logically, critically and creatively” through which the program’s content will be based on the

  • school's philosophy and goals,
  • school’s Curriculum from Grades 7 to 10,
  • assessment of the needs of its users and
  • adolescents’ growth assets[2]

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The following are the web-based services this study aims to develop:

A. Library User Education

Supporting the school’s mission to produce graduates who can think logically and critically one of the web-based services is to provide User Education. User education is necessary to prepare students for the continuing process of self-education (Fjallbrant and Malley, 1984). It contains two components:

1.      Interactive Library Orientation

-         Information on the library’s historical background, collection, services, programs, policies, borrowing procedures and staff directory

-         Library online tour (picture gallery & floor plan and description of each library sections)

-         Staff Directory

2.      Library Instruction on Information Literacy

-         electronic resources.
-         helpful documents--web evaluation checklist, guide to citing resources.
-         Recommended search tools and tips.
-         Internet policies and guidelines- copyright.

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B.     Virtual Reference

1.      E-mail Reference Services
2.      Research Consultations (can sign up for appointment)
3.      Electronic Suggestion Box
4.      Discussion Board

C.     Readers’ Advisory

1.      Young adults literature recommendations.
2.      Current information including new materials, upcoming library programs.

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D.    Online Resources

The Online Resources are assessed and evaluated where the school’s curriculum, users’ needs and adolescent’s growth assets are its basis.

1. Recommended websites for students and faculty.
2.    Links to information about literature and reading.
3.    Professional resources - links to standards, lesson plans, information literacy resources, technology integration strategies & resources, school
4.    Family resources--online safety, evaluation, homework help, research guidelines, health information online.

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E.     Student Zone

To be able to encourage students to use and share their creativity this interactive zone was developed. This contains student works – online publications—literary and art works  (poems, short stories, photographs, and art works), book reviews, and projects (used as models for other students). Students’ works are based on teen life and issues, social concerns, and world issues. Discussion board will be provided for students to share their views and thoughts.

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Web Graphic Credits:

  • Cool Teens-- created by David Dionson

  • Banners- created by Jen Milo

  • Other Graphics:

    • Discovery School's Clipart Gallery

    • Microsoft Office Design Gallery

    • ProDraw Graphics
    • Photos.com
    • Layoutland.net

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[1] This study aims to develop a user-centered web services that is a reader-friendly site. Reader-friendliness can be summed up in a simple axiom “always and in everything, remember your reader ” (Sullivan, 1999).

[2] Search Institute’s Developmental Assets for Adolescents involves external assets, that are support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, and constructive use of time, and internal assets, that are commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies and positive identity.

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