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a. Almanacs & Yearbooks
Almanac - "publication, usually an annual, containing a variety of useful facts of miscellaneous nature, and statistical information. It was originally a projectionof the coming year by days, months, hollidays, etc" (Harrod).

- "a compendium of useful data and statistics relating to countries, personalities, events, subjects, and the like" (Katz).

Yearbook- "a volume often called an annual, containing current information of a variable nature, in brief descriptive or statistical form, which is published once every year" (Harrod).

-"annual compendium of the data and statistics of a given year" (Katz).

a. Recency
- to supply the latest information on a subject or personality.
b. Brief Facts- an almanac gives a single figure of a fact without explanations.
- a yearbook that gives background information on a recent development.
c. Trends- current information in almanacs or yearbooks indicate the latest trend and development.
d. Informal index- reliable sources of information are found in almanacs and yearbooks, because of this they serve as informal index.
e. Directory and biographical information- directory information are also found in almanacs and yearbooks. Some yearbooks may sell names of famous personalities. Their addresses and many other biographical information are indicated. Some almanacs cite names of associations , societies and their respective addresses.
f. Browsing- it helps find bits of interesting information in some unrelated parts both almanac and yearbook.

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