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May contain facts about an individual (birth/death dates, education, career, childhood, accomplishments, works, etc. or List bibliographical citations leading the user to other works, which contain the biographies themselves (ex: Biography and Genealogy Master Index; Almanac of Famous People, Biography Index)

Biography- life history of a person.

Autobioraphy - life history of a person written by himself.

Genealogy- the making of a human pedigree through the linkage of basic biological data I found in records, with names, dates and places. (Katz)

Biographical dictionaries - universally used reference work which is essentially a directory of notable persons, usually arranged alphabetically by surnames with biographical identifications that range from brief to extended narrative.

Types of Biographical Sources

1. Universal - includes notable persons of all times and places.
2. Retrospective- limits itself to notable dead persons.
3. Current- includes notable living persons.

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