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Big Book for Peace

- From the University of the Philippines Integrated School Students. A Compilation of students' compositions--literary and art works. From Communication Arts English, Music and Arts Department.

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 "... nothing prepares you to feel for other people quite as well as writing about them and Imagining their fives. But by the same token, nothing composes you - puts the pieces of you back together - better than writing. When we speak of "composition"... this is what we really mean: the act of writing composes not just the text but also its writer and his or her thoughts and being. To push that Idea further, let's remember Andre Malraux, to whom every work of art was a victory over chaos, a triumph over death." - Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.

This Big Book for Peace was composed at a time when the world seemed to unravel. 

It was our way of composing ourselves after the horrific September 11 events the effects of which rippled into every one of us.

It was, and is, our way of expressing our solidarity with those who suffered and who continue to suffer from those attacks.

It is our way of expressing our communitas; it is our collective expression of our collective desire for peace built on love, respect, concern for others and justice.

It is our small contribution to our search for that elusive peace: the book gathers together the thoughts of young students on CA-EMA and so gathers these students together in peace; the book is invested with the students' longing and hope for peace at home and abroad and embodies the students' capacity to locate themselves in places and lives they have so powerfully imagined; the book contains, and carries, the students' attempts to grapple with forces that divide and tear us apart; the book testifies to how these students have looked at peace (or war) with wisdom beyond their age and their selves.

The book, simply, shows that these students have successfully composed themselves. Yet it also shows that these students know only too well that peace cannot. be composed just as easily. One writes with poignancy how a father won his child a war, but not necessarily peace, and how that father is not coming back anymore. Another student asks if writing for or about peace shall likely bring peace.

Indeed, will these compositions bring peace, ever?

This Big Book for Peace bears our desire for peace. It, too, bears the signature of people who join us in desiring peace.

Let it bear your signature.

And let us all bear the burden of bringing peace into our world.

-Roderick G. Galam

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