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Literary Works: From the Big Book of Peace
  1. Dream by Joan Cecile Dimaunahan, Grade 7 UPIS
  2. My Father Won Me a War by Kai de Veyra, Grade 9 UPIS
  3. Bullet by Rochella R. Jose, Grade 7 UPIS
  4. I'd Do It for Peace by Sanya Coo, Grade 9 UPIS
  5. Where Does It End? by Rica Vina P. Cruz, Grade 9 UPIS
  6. The Cry By Paul Mark Tubal, UPIS
  7. My Hopeless Hope by Missy King, UPIS
  8. Hush By Regie Cortez, UPIS
  9. Lucky By Shermaine Bartolome, Grade 7 UPIS
  10. One Click By Marianne Benavidez, UPIS
  11. Wish by Anna Carlos, Grade 7 UPIS
  12. Three Poems By Lester Lagman, UPIS
  13. Suddenly by Gerald Marion M. Abesamis, Grade 9 UPIS

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