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The Reserve Book Collection consists of textbooks and collateral reading materials and xeroxed copies recommended by faculty members for their assigned readings. These books are for Room Use Only for a period of two hours if in demand, and may also be borrowed for Overnight Use.

Borrowing Reserve Books for Room Use:click for larger pix
1) Ask for book by the author and title
2) Get book card from the staff and fill out name, grade and section.
3) Give the book card to the staff and present ID for checking.
4) Get the book from the staff

Borrowing Reserve Books for Overnight Use:
1) Make a reservation at the Reserve Section in the morning
2) Present reservation slip to claim your reservation
3) Follow borrowing procedures for Reserve Books for Room Use
4) Overnight books are issued from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. daily except when classes have been shortened or suspended. Reserve books are issued earlier than the usual schedule.

Look for Reserve Section at the Floor Plan

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