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Philippine Culture:
The Ayala Museum's mission "preserving, interpreting, and promoting awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the cultural history of the Philippines."

The Cultural Center of the Philippines "is the premiere institution for culture and the arts, embodying the highest standards of excellence and the services responsive to the Filipino and the world."

The Filipinas Heritage Library, "a division of the Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI), is a one-stop electronic research center on the Philippines. We provide access to the wealth of Filipino heritage through the latest in information technology and telecommunications."

The National Museum of the Philippines "is the repository and guardian of the Philippines' natural and cultural heritage. As one of the lead government cultural agencies, it is tasked to achieve the goals of instilling cultural consciousness and a sense of pride and nationalism among Filipino citizens through its activities covering the sciences, education and culture."

Retrato: The Photo Archive of the Filipinas Heritage Library "a treasure trove of images of Philippine life, history and culture from the 15th century to the early seventies. The 4" x 5" black and white photos include reproductions of engravings, lithographs, drawings, and other modes of visual representation, as well as original photos gathered and annotated by the Ayala Museum research department over several years."

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Philippine Socio-Political Economy:
The Institute for Popular Democracy (IPD) is a political research and advocacy institute serving social movement groups, non-government organizations (NGOs) in development work, and progressive local government officials.

The Economic Indicators Online (EIO) System is designed as a user-friendly, easy-to-use tool for researchers, planners, policy and decision makers.

The Philippine Governance Forum (PGF) is a collaborative project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Ateneo School of Government (ASG) and the Ateneo Center for Social Policy and Public Affairs (ACSPPA) which aims to promote good governance in the country. The development objective of the PGF is to advance good governance in the country by developing institutions that promote transparency and accountability.

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Philippine Journals:
The IBON Databank "is a large, specialized library of books, documents, journals and newspapers from Philippine and international sources. It allows quick and easy retrieval of data and specific information on socio-economic trends and issues through the specialized software called IDEAS (IBON Data Easy Access System)"

Minda News "a Publication of the Mindanao News and Information Cooperative Center"

Pinoylaw.com "is a Philippine Law website offering free legal advice online -- for Filipinos. Also provide links to various legal information found in the Internet (Journals & Periodicals). Contains lawyers jokes, latin maxims, free e-mail, message board, legal forum, Philippine Supreme Court Decision, Philippine laws."

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Online Resources: Research Help/Tools
Go to Information Literacy Section which contains The Big6, "an information problem-solving process that is widely used in schools and colleges. Its structure will help you complete classroom assignments, homework, and any other information need you have. Also contains online resources."

IPL Teenspace: A+ Research & Writing "Need to write a research paper? Want to do an A+ job without going totally NUTS? Here's help!!"

iTools "Internet tools: Search, research, reference, look up or translate just about anything in one place."

Research Paper Help.net "Need to write a paper that was due yesterday? Get lost when you go to the library? Afraid to use the Internet? No clue how to cite your sources?"

Researchpaper.com - the Web's largest collection of topics, ideas, and assistance for school related research projects.


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