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CA English 7. Philippine Literature

The Best Philippine Short Stories "brings you the best in Philippine literature. In spite of its name, poems, essays, artwork, and cartoons will appear on a regular basis."

A Critical Survey of Philippine Literature- "access short stories, poems, novel excerpts, and creative non-fiction by Filipino writers, as well as critical essays tackling the various facets of this burgeoning literature." It contains comprehensive resources on Philippine Literary History, Philippine Literary Genres, Literary Issues, Directories, Literary Contests, Creative Writing Workshops etc.

PinoyLit "provides information on Filipino writers, and illustrators, their lives and their work. You can also find a few Philippine short stories, novels, essays, children's literature, myths, legends, folk tales and folklore, and even chapter summaries of the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo."

Cerritos College Philippine Literature Resource Contains links on Poetry, Fiction, Essay, Film & General.

Music 7. Philippine Music

Filipino Folk Arts Theatre "an organization which primarily endeavors to preserve, present, promote and nurture the cultural traditions and heritage of the Filipinos and secondarily that of its Asian-Pacific Islander neighbors, all of whom are now part of the present day American society." Contains articles on Kulintang Instruments, Philippine Arts and Culture, and Folk Dance Program Notes Resource.

Noel's Pilipino Folkdance Glossary & Event Calendar Glossary of Filipino Folk Dances: Maria Clara , Mountain/Igorot, Muslim/Moro,Rural/Barrio, and Tribal. Also contains event calendar & downloadable music (midi, mp3).

Sayaw Pilipinas (Filipino Folk Dances) Philippine Dance descriptions (Northern Illinois University project)--Cordillera Dances, Muslim Dances, Tribal Dances, Rural Folks (Sa Nayon), and Spanish Influence.

Traditional Music of the Ethnic Minorities in the Philippines by an ethnomusicologist Hans Brandeis.


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