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Academic Programs: Internet Resources categorized by Subjects & Grade Levels.

Fun Stuff
- Games, Hobbies, Music, Film, Creative Arts

Teens' Developmental Assets: Online Resources

External Assets | Internal Assets

External Assets

-family, school, community support TOP

-community values youth, youth as resources, service to others TOP

Boundaries and Expectations
-know what is expected from you and whether activities and behaviors are "in bounds" and "out of bounds" TOP

Constructive Use of Time
-creative activities, youth programs, religious community, time at home TOP

Internal Assets

Commitment to Learning
-achievement motivation, school engagement, homework, reading for pleasure TOP

Positive Values
-developing strong values that guide your choices. Making a difference. TOP

Social Competencies
-skills and competencies that equip you to make positive choices, to build relationships, and to succeed in life. TOP

Positive Identity
-Personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose and positive view of personal future TOP

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