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Step 6: Evaluation

a. Judge your product (how effective were you)
Before turning in your assignment, compare it to the requirements that your teacher gave you. Consider the following:

  • Did I do everything and include all that was required for the assignment?
  • Did I give credit to all of your sources, written in the way your teacher requested?
  • Is my work neat?
  • Is my work complete and does it include heading information (name, date, etc.)
  • Would I be proud for anyone to view this work?
  • Did I answer the question?
  • Did I solve the problem?
  • Did I do the assignment fully?

b. Judge your information problem-solving process
(how efficient were you)

Think about the actions that you perform as you are working on this assignment. Did you learn some things that you can use again? Reflect on the following:

  • What did I learn that I can use again?
  • How will I use the skill(s) again?
  • What did I do well this time?
  • What would I do differently next time?
  • What information sources did I find useful? (You may be able to use them again.)
  • What information sources did I need but did not have? (Be sure to talk to your librarian)

You may want to create a scoring sheet for evaluating your work. Rate yourself by using scores in each item and see how well you did your final product.


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The "Big6" is copyright (1987) Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. For more information, visit: www.big6.com

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