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Young Adult Books by Filipino Authors


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" Filipino Stories For Filipino Children: An Anthology from the UP Integrated School Creative Writing Classes"

What should young children read if we want them to become Philippine-proud and Philippine loving citizens? The obvious answer is to develop reading materials which will articulate their needs, desires and aspirations as shaped by their experience of growing up within a Filipino home in a Filipino community.

A special project of the UP Integrated School (UPIS) this book provides alternative reading materials for Filipino children who have been fed with a steady diet of illustrated books about the western way of life. The collection shows the range of topics and themes that students think about over the years: values Filipino children should develop, common and ordinary problems that beset them, grave problems that oppress and depress them, and dreams and aspirations that inspire them. While their topics and themes are quite serious, their handling of these concerns is decidedly youthful.

The stories were written and illustrated by 3rd and 4th year students who took Creative Writing, a Communication Arts elective at the UPIS.

Those who cannot write, teach, may well be the slogan of the editor. Prof. Eleanor Eme E. Hermosa has taught the elective-Creative Writing-at the UP Integrated School for the last 20 years.

See Sample Page: "A Call for the People" by Jose Ricardo Santos CW Class '94
Available at National Bookstore & UP Press (PhP 200.00)

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