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Map - a plane representation of the earth's surface, or a part of it, indicating, physical features, political boundaries, etc. (Harrod)

Atlas - a collection of maps or plates or other exhibits bound 'in a volume. (Shores) alphabetic list of place names including such information

Gazetteers- for each place such as pronunciation, location, description, and statistics
- geographical dictionaries, usually of place names (Katz)

Guidebooks - book of direction and information, especially one for travelers, tourists, etc. (Webster)

Cartography-art of map making

Globe-a spherical model of the earth. (Webster)

Types or categories of geographical sources:
1. Maps and atlases (for visual location and identification). These are identified as general maps by cartographers:

a. flat maps
b. charts
c. collection of maps in atlas forms

Most common maps in atlases are:
a) Physical maps which show the various features of the land, from the rivers and valleys to the mountains and hills.
b) Political maps trace the limits of political boundaries
c) Physiological maps, topographical map and geological refer to the various aspects of the physical features of the land.

Among other group of maps that can be considered here is referred to as thematic. This has to do with historical, economic, political and other related subjects.

2. Guidebooks (give more detailed information and description from the travel point of view)

3. Gazetteers (for and description of places). This is consulted for inforrnation on names of places, location and its land area, population, the leading economic characteristics, etc.

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