:: Communication ::
Finding other teachers or subject matter experts on the Internet can help in discovering interesting material and answering questions.

  • Talking to Teachers
  • Talking to Experts
    • ePals.com "Over 4.5 million students and teachers from 191 countries are building skills and enhancing learning with ePALS. Over 60,000 classroom profiles link schools together as cross-cultural learning partners and friends. Established in 1996."
    • Teachers.Net - Teachers' Chat Room - Teacher discussions live 24 hours a day. Network with educators from around the world.
    • Educational Chat Rooms


    :: Research ::
    using the WWW as a research tool can provide data for preparing course materials or ideas for teaching in general.

  • Lesson Plans
  • Information & Data for Classes
  • Teaching Ideas & Techniques
  • Educational Resources
  • See Also: Academic Programs Internet Resources categorized by Subjects & Grade Levels.

Creating your own materials can be the most effective way to ensure that your students are viewing valuable content on the WWW.

Examples of materials:

    • Internet Resources
    • Collections & Lessons
    • School Web Sites

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