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Collection of Limericks

By Angela Mendoza, Grade 7 UPIS

Out of the Blue

I know of someone with a humongous wart,
One day she let out a screeching fart.
she suddenly glided,
then twisted and slided,
She said, "it's a work of art!"

The Booger

There was a booger in a clown's nose
it was greenish-black & extremely gross
someone tried to pick it.
someone tried to flick it.
But the booger chose to live in the nose.


The donuts on the table are so old,
it is grayinsh because of the mold.
It is so tough and hard,
it tastes like pepper and lard;
When I held it, it was like ice because it was cold.

The Girl

The fat girl with curly hair,
has big and great kinks everywhere.
she laughed and giggled,
she jumped and wiggled

Because she did not have anything to wear.

The People in my Class

One has fat that shakes like jelly,
One has armpits that are, oh so smelly.
one has really big lips,
another has really wide hips,
and one smells like a Chinese Deli.


The girl in the mirror resembles a flea,
she has so many scabs in her knee.
her hair is so long,
and she's wearing a thong,
the girl in the mirror is me!

My School

My school is just like a zoo,
and I just don't know what to do.
there are penguins and dogs,
monkeys, rats, and hogs.
And there are even cows that say "moo".

Graduation Night

I was so fat in my dress, I was like a pig,
My hair was so high I was wearing a wig.
I tried to be cool,
but I was like a fool,
Especially after I dance a jig.

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