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Step 3: Location & Access

a. Locate sources
Know where you may get your sources. For finding a book browse through your library's card catalog. Know how your books are arranged in your library. . For journals or magazines look at your periodical indexes. Take the Library Tour for more details.

When looking for a website, make sure you list down the web address (URL). You might find what you need at Cool Links. If your sources is a person find out how you may contact him.

b. Find information within sources
How will you get the informartion you need? Look at your questions on your first step, Task Definition.

If you did concept mapping where your main idea/topic is in the middle look at the related words/sub-topics linked to your main topic. You may use these as your keywords when finding information on your sources.

When Looking at:

A Book: Look at the index or table of contents for your topic and keywords.
-Know more about the parts of the book read Using Parts of a Book from Teach-nology.com

An Encyclopedia: Use the index volume (usually the last volume in the set) for the topic and keywords.

Online Sources (Web sites): These usually have a FIND function, type in your keyword/s on the search box to find what you need.


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The "Big6" is copyright (1987) Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. For more information, visit: www.big6.com

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