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Every morning I watch the skies and realize
How lucky I am
For I'm not living in a place where there is war

A war which brings families apart
A war which brings chaos
A war which destroys people's belongings
A war which turns brothers to villains
A war that brainwashes people to what they will believe
A war that exploits people's weaknesses
A war which blocks children's education
A war that destroys livelihood
A war which kills men, women and children
A war that makes evil rule the world

One morning when I woke up

I heard screams through the window
I heard people fighting with each other
I heard women crying
I heard bombs, roaring all over
.......I don't want to look out my window
for I realize that I'm not lucky anymore.
By Shermaine Bartolome, Grade 7 UPIS
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