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Agriculture | Consumer Sciences/Business | Drafting/Design/Electronics
Home Economics


Agropolis-Museum "is a Science Center dealing with topics such as food, nutrition, agriculture, with an historical approach on a worldwide scale. With three online exhibitions: The History of Food and Agriculture, Farmers and Farming over the World, and the Banquet de l'Humanite. Visitors will find a global perspective of agriculture and the foods consumed by people in different nations. This site is available in both English and French. "

Better Homes and Gardens "From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas"

Home and Gardening Television contains articles from Decorating to Remodeling to Gardening to At Home Crafts.

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Consumer Sciences/Business

Business know-how "Small business and home business ideas and advice. Business Know-How covers marketing and managing employees as well as business start-up issues. Help for entrepreneurs doing business on the Internet and free agents just starting out."

BusinessWorld the Philippine's leading business newspaper.

Consumer Jungle "Consumer Jungle features consumer education curriculum including printable classroom materials and interactive student activities (Credit Cave Activities include Find the Fees and the Credit Card Safari). Units include the Credit Cave, Surviving Solo (tips for living on your own), Esmarts (safe surfing on the web), Car-fari, and Jingle in the Jungle (the mysteries of phone, cell phones, and internet service)."

Escape from Knab "Try to escape and learn about basic finances along the way. This interactive game lets students land on a distant planet, then try to save enough money for a ticket back to earth. Developed by Firstar, a commercial financial institution."

The Small Business Knowledge Base "A comprehensive free resource of small business information. Discover the amazing techniques and dirty little tricks that will help boost your sales, pile up profits and leave your competitors in the dust"

Technology and Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC) -Philippine government-owned provides trainings (Agricultural Bussiness; Aqua Business; Business Operation Management; Chemical Business; Crafts and Others; Food Business; Garments) look at the current training schedules; Video tapes (e.g. Negosiyete, Agrosiyete tapes etc.) on livelihood technologies; how-to pamphlets and other information materials you can use for home-, industry- and agri-based businesses.

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How Stuff Works "You'll find references to force, power, torque and energy all over the HowStuffWorks site. Learn what these terms really mean and how they relate to one another." Categories include Automotive; Body & Health; Computers; Cool Stuff; Electronics; Engines; Home; Internet; Entertainment; Money; Science & Tech; Society & Culture; Toys & Games; Transportation; and Weapons.

TechDrawingTools.com "Tech Drawing Tools, solutions for computer users needing accurate cost effective technical illustrations. Includes: Technical Drawing, Technical Illustration, and Isometric Projection. Provides the latest in computer techniques for producing technical illustrations. The learning section is an invaluable free resource to the technical illustrating community."

Technical Drawing Topics

Technical Drawing/Computer Graphics/Drafting Resources on the Internet

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Home Economics

Home/Family | Food/Nutrition | Sewing


Better Homes and Gardens "From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas"

Home and Gardening Television contains articles from Decorating to Remodeling to Gardening to At Home Crafts.

WholeFamily "Strengthen your personal and family relationships and solve the most challenging issues facing you and your family today." Categories include Teen Center; Marriage Center; Parent Center; Senior Center; The WholeFamily Room; and Free Stuff Center.

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Epicurious: The World's Greatest Recipe Collection "The taste of the Web. Online host of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. Recipes, menus, chefs, drink suggestions, forums on food and cooking..."

Filipino Recipes Link dot com "provides links to Filipino recipes websites that feature popular Filipino recipes from all regions of the Philippines."

Food Network.com "Gateway to Recipes, Entertaining, Chefs, Cooking, Television Shows."

The Food Timeline interesting site about food history and period recipes.

Tufts University Nutrition Navigator "Experts at Tufts quickly help you find nutrition information you can trust by reviewing nutrition Websites for content and usability."

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Free Introductory Sewing Guide - Basic Sewing Skills "Practical free guide to basic sewing equipment and techniques for beginners. An introduction to making soft furnishings"

Sewing.com "is the global crossroads where women come together to share and learn about sewing"

Sewing At About.com - Free Projects, Free Patterns, Free Information And More ""The place to find sewing information, projects, patterns and more on the Internet."

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