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::::> Grade 9- Agham at Teknolohiya (Science & Technology)


- "Learn about chemistry including matter, atoms, and reactions. Includes online quizzes."

Chemistry - Interactive site that teaches the elements, periodic table, chemical reactions, and DNA.

Chemistry Coach Tutorials - "Links to a number of site with tutorials, directions, or instruction about chemistry topics including balancing chemical equations, types of reactions, formulas, the mole, stoichiometry, and class information."

Chemical Elements.com "An online, interactive periodic table of elements."

Chemistry Functions - "Offers a tool to conduct molar conversions. A periodic table is also featured for reference, with atomic numbers, molar mass, and element symbol for each element."

Dan Damelin's Chemsite - "Part of a project to teach high school chemistry using a website as an integrated in class tool. Includes Flash animations, PDF files of labs and homework assignments, still images, and short video clips which help students to organize and visualize chemical concepts."

Quia - Chemistry - "Try a user created chemistry activity or create one."

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