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7. SERIALS [Links to Online Serials Click Here!]

A publication in any medium issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely

periodical- a serial appearing, or intended to appear indefinitely at regular or stated intervals, generally more frequently than annually, each issue of which is numbered or dated consecutively and normally contains separate articles, stories or other writings

magazine- a periodical for general reading, containing articles on various subjects by different authors

journal- a periodical, especially one containing scholarly articles and/or disseminating current information on research and development in a particular subject field

series/monographic series- a group of separate bibliographic items related to one another by the fact that each item bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to the group as a whole

conference proceedings- considered a serial if they "have the same name and be differentiated only by number, place, and date; and the titles proper of the publications themselves must vary only slightly, if at all" (Cole)

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