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The U.P. Integrated High School Library houses a growing collection of approximately 22,876 volumes of books and other materials such as pamphlets, periodicals, clippings and maps. It is located at the center of the school campus and it consists of two reading rooms. It serves you and your teachers from 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. The library operates mainly on an open-shelf system where borrowers have free and direct access to the books on the shelves, and a closed-shelf system for periodicals and reserve materials limited to room/overnight use only.

Services offered include:
1.) Readers Services
a. Circulation
b. Reserve
2.) Computer-Based Information Services
a. Internet
3.) Reference Services
a. Library Orientation
b. Assistance to Readers
c. Compilation of selected bibliographic
4.) Intra-loan Services

Materials in your library have been carefully selected by both the faculty and your school librarian and properly organized by the library staff. The ability to use these effectively is one of the most valuable habits you can develop during your stay in the U.P. Integrated school.

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