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Having a Hard Time Searching? Find the right reference source:

:: What's a Reference Source?
:: Know what reference tool you need for your research
:: Online Reference Tools

Information Literacy
- According to Doyle information literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate, select, use, and share information effectively (Doyle, 1992, p. 2).

Study Skills

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Readers' Advisory Don't know what to read? Here are Booklists, Best Books / Awarded Literary Works

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Cool Links Cool Sites, Fun Stuff, Studies, Family, Community and the World. Online Resources:

:: Academic Programs- Internet Resources categorized by Subjects & Grade Levels.
:: Fun Stuff
- Games, Hobbies, Music, Film, Creative Arts

:: Teens' Developmental Assets: Online Resources

External Assets:

-family, school, community support

-community values youth, youth as resources, service to others 
Boundaries and Expectations

-know what is expected from you and whether activities and behaviors are "in bounds" and "out of bounds" 
Constructive Use of Time

-creative activities, youth programs, religious community, time at home

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Internal Assets
Commitment to Learning

-achievement motivation, school engagement, homework, reading for pleasure 
Positive Values

-developing strong values that guide your choices. Making a difference. 
Social Competencies

-skills and competencies that equip you to make positive choices, to build relationships, and to succeed in life. 
Positive Identity

-Personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose and positive view of personal future 

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Student Zone

Featured Student Works: Big Book of Peace; The Aftermath by Christine Hazel Yalung ; Collection of Limericks by Angela Mendoza

Interactive Zone

Join our Interactive Community, the place to express yourself by posting your stories, articles, artworks, thoughts and views. Join our discussion forum and post your literary folios.

Teachers' Zone: Internet Use for Education

  1. Communicating:
    Electronic Mail
    | Archived  Messaging System | Conferencing

  2. Browsing

  3. Searching Search Engines | Directories

  4. Integrating Teachers | Students

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