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::::> Grade 7- Kasaysayan at Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas (Philippine History & Government)


Alibata - Describes the origins and history of the alibata writing system.

The Bangsamoro The history and culture of the Bangsamoro, Moro of the Philippines. Also the American and Spanish war with the Moro people of Mindanao.

Book of Pinoy - Facts and Records "A compedium of trivia on the following topics: The Philippines, economy, social issues, sports, world records, disasters, Filipino inventions, firsts, natural wonders, origin of names, and tourist spots."

Children of the Pearl "Information on the Philippine culture before the Spanish colonization."

Excerpts from the Official Gazette of the Japanese Military Administration of the Philippines - "Revealing excerpts from a Japanese record of their occupation of the Philippines during World War II."

History of the Philippines contains information about Philippine History from Philippine Prehistory - First Inhabitants - 40,000 BP up to Return to Democracy 1986-1998.

Katálogo ng mga Apelyidong Pilipino (Catalog of Filipino Names) interesting information about Filipino surnames, its meaning and regional origin.

An Online Guide About the Philippine History Contains Timelines; Heroes and Presidents.

The Official Government Portal of the Republic of the Philippines

Philippine Civilization and Technology Contains The Art of War; People of the Sea; Jewelry, Metal work and Mining; Pottery; Agriculture and Livestock; Architecture; Sculpture; Textiles; Other Industries; Mathematics, Astronomy and Calendric Science; Writing and education.

Philippine History 101 contains lots of information about Philippine History. Also contains trivial information and pictures.

A Philippine Leaf by Hector Santos ancient Philippine writing. Sections include Laguna Copperplate Inscription; Literacy in Pre-Hispanic Philippines and Mystery Scripts of the Philippines.

A Page For Philippine Prehistory Sections include: The Prehistoric People; Prehispanic Culture; Language Source.

Sentenaryo/Centennial "The history of the Philippine Revolution and Philippine-American War and their impacts on politics and culture."

Sarisari etc. - Filipino History, Language, Pop Culture. "Articles on pre-Hispanic times, ancient baybayin writing, and language. Also with free fonts and celebrity pictures."

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