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The Aftermath by Christine Hazel Yalung, Grade 8 UPIS

Big Book for Peace- From the University of the Philippines Integrated School Students. A Compilation of students' compositions--literary and art works. From Communication Arts English, Music and Arts Department.

"This Big Book for Peace was composed at a time when the world seemed to unravel.

It was our way of composing ourselves after the horrific September 11 events the effects of which rippled into every one of us. It was, and is, our way of expressing our solidarity with those who suffered and who continue to suffer from those attacks.

It is our way of expressing our communitas; it is our collective expression of our collective desire for peace built on love, respect, concern for others and justice........" -Roderick G. Galam MORE

Collection of Limericks By Angela Mendoza, Grade 7 UPIS

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