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Suddenly, I hate the smell of stench But I can't resist liking it.
Covering every inch of my body, I should get used to it.
I feel creepy ... right now,
Not knowing what'll happen next.
I feel missed ... weird. Suddenly, I miss my son,
My only child; a bright boy at eight.
Smart enough to perceive things...
Things that are not for kids. Suddenly, I miss my wife,
My loving, ever-dearest half.
I complete myself with her...
I love her, she understands...
She accepts my problems. Suddenly, I miss my family.
Since going to war wasn't easy,
They learned to fathom my decision,
For it was for the country, and was for the world. Suddenly, I thought of war.
War was a great thing, I thought
But it was going to do a thing...
Some-thing that would affect us all,
Some-thing big and devastating...
It destroys ... it slaughters peace. Suddenly, I heard. Screaming, shouting --- silence.
Noise of birds and the silence of guns. Suddenly, I saw People running around,
Asking for help, Bleeding ... red all over...
Lying on the ground, Not speaking, moving ... even breathing...
I saw land drenched in blood,
Full of gun shells and pits made by the falling bombs.
I saw houses on fire--Even the ones with bullet holes didn't skip my sight. Suddenly, I saw.
In some pile over used rockets,
Opened up, looked scrutinized,
Dirty, red and malodorous.
My body, lying on the ground.Suddenly, I was...
There Standing...
A ghost.

by Gerald Marion m. Abesamis, Grade 9 UPIS

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