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Adolescence: Change & Continuity "links to hundreds of articles on specific aspects of adolescent development as well as links to additional resources.You can also find information about specific transitions, such as SCHOOL TO WORK, ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, as well as autobiographies describing adolescents' own experiences and student answers to questions proposed by middle school teachers."

Beyond Extreme..real life and what's beyond "Addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of life from a teen perspective. Offers message boards, chat, advice, music, and video."

"The Bridge - Teens helping teens to bridge the gap. "Information, Insight and Support by Teens for Teens to help with issues of depression, addiction, peer pressure, eating disorders and bullying"

Family Conflict Resolution from Suite101.com contains articles about family issues.

Focus Adolescent Services "Resources on teen and family issues, including Anger, Anxiety, ADHD, Teen Behavior, Eating Disorders, Grief, Single Parenting, Runaways, Self-Injury, Step-Parenting, Tourette Syndrome, and more."

OutcastSurvival.com "When you're being teased. :: How to survive when you don't fit in."

Peer Abuse Know More! "This site gives an overview of the psychological effects of Peer Abuse in children and adults."

Real Families, Real FUN- Advice from modern families life yours. Categories include "On the Screen" watching movies, videos and tv together; "Get Crafty" craft ideas for families; "What's Cookin' cooking together; and "Just for Parents".

Talking to Your Parents - or Other Adults an article from TeensHealth. "Whether it's an everyday issue like schoolwork or an emergency situation, read this article to learn about the benefits of communicating with your parents and other adults."

Victory Over Violence (VOV) "is a youth-sponsored initiative to help young people identify and counteract the root causes of violence in their lives and in their communities."

WholeFamily "Strengthen your personal and family relationships and solve the most challenging issues facing you and your family today." Categories include Teen Center; Marriage Center; Parent Center; Senior Center; The WholeFamily Room; and Free Stuff Center.

Why Do I Fight With My Parents So Much? an article from TeensHealth. "Part of being a teen is developing your own identity - one that is separate from the identities of your parents. Read this article to discover why you and your parents seem to be constantly at odds."

YouthWEB Online unites youngsters, teens and adults from diverse backgrounds and communities in the fight against bias, bigotry and prejudice.

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